Daily Menu

Daily Menu

Every weekday we prepare a lunch tasting menu for you. Soup and three tasting plates are served between 11:00 and 14:00. You will enjoy Czech and international cuisine prepared by chef Denis Wágner. His recipes combine contemporary culinary techniques with traditional Czech culinary art.

Price of the daily tasting menu

Soup: 36 CZK
Tasting plate: 80 CZK

Content Blocks

Monday 4. 12.
Spinach cream and cheese beuschetta

Tasting plate:
Fried cheese chunks, potato grenaille, tartar sauce 
Deer noodles in curry with basmati rice 
Beef tenderloin, Carlsbad muffin and cranberry chutney

Tuesday 5. 12.

Chicken broth with meat, noodles and garden vegetables

Tasting plate:
Strappers with sauerkraut and roasted cologne 
Wrap with chicken and fresh vegetables, potato chips, cocktail dip
Grilled pork tenderloin, vegetable frittata, wine dressing
Wednesday 6. 12.

Tomato cream with basil oil and croutons

Tasting Plate:
Farfalle with chicken and baby spinach, parmesan 
Beef goulash with bacon dumplings and onions 
Panzanella salad with chicken, baguette


Thursday 7.12.
Poultry cream with pasta and chopped vegetables

Tasting Plate:
Chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, cucumber garnish 
Beef tartare, garlic puck and toast 
Bucatini alla puttanesca, parmesan
Friday 8. 12.

Potato soup

Tasting plate:
Chicken saltimbocaća , mushroom ragas and potato roll
Duck, red cabbage and potato pancakes, duck juice 
Nicoise salad with tuna, baguette


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