Daily Menu

Daily Menu

Every weekday we prepare a lunch tasting menu for you. Soup and three tasting plates are served between 11:00 and 14:00. You will enjoy Czech and international cuisine prepared by chef Denis Wágner. His recipes combine contemporary culinary techniques with traditional Czech culinary art.

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Price of the daily tasting menu

Soup: 36 CZK
Tasting plate: 80 CZK

Monday 29 May
Chicken broth with meat, noodles and garden vegetables
Tasting Plate:
Beef tenderloin with cream of peeled shoulder, Carlsbad muffin, lemon and cranberry chutney
Caesar salad with herb croutons and chicken
Chicken breast sous vide with mushroom ragout, roasted potato grenaille

Tuesday 30 May
Cream of asparagus with butter croutons
Tasting Plate:
Duck breast with potato pancakes, red wine sauce, Brussels sprouts
Tagliatelle with baby spinach, chicken, cream sauce and grana padano cheese
Quesadilla with chorizo, ham, nachos and mayo

Wednesday 31 May
Poultry broth with herb vinaigrette and chopped garden vegetables
Tasting Plate:
Venison leg with vegetables, parsnip puree and roasted pear, potato grenaille
Potato gnocchi with Arabiatta sauce, chicken and grana padano cheese
Farmhouse salad with quail egg and vinagrette

Thursday 1 June
Potato soup with wild mushrooms
Tasting Plate:
Carb stew with bacon dumplings and marinated onions
Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino, grana padano cheese
Lyon salad with chicken, baguette

Friday 2 June
Chicken broth with Celestine noodles, vegetables and meat
Tasting plate:
Duck roasted on apples, red cabbage and potato pancakes, duck juice
Croup risotto, seasonal mushrooms and parmesan shavings
Leaf salad with pomegranate, radish and goat cheese  


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