Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

When preparing the dishes, we always emphasize fresh ingredients purchased from the local farmers. Our suppliers are in particular the eco-farm František Berka from Tanvald, the goat farm Pěnčín and the fishery Skalní mlýn.

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Eco-farm František Berka from Tanvald

The farm has been breeding beef cattle for over 20 years. Our priority is quality care. We gradually create and improve a pleasant environment for animals and our breeding is at the highest European level. All this ensures the unsurpassed taste of the meat. Enjoy our great meat in organic quality.

Goat farm Pěnčín

The goat farm is a dream-come-true for one family that decided to change their way of life. They have regained their independence and seized opportunities to do things that are meaningful and beneficial to others.

All goats thrive in clean environment to spend all their time on pastures in the wild nature, which is unique here. We make all feed ourselves and it comes from local mountain meadows. The reward for this effort is goat‘s milk of the highest quality for all our products - from fresh to long-aged hard cheeses. All our products are characterized by a unique taste and delicacy.

Fishery Skalní mlýn

The fishery is located in the virgin nature of the Moravian Karst in the locality of a protected landscape area, where due to the absence of chemical sprinkles, water pollution does not occur. We are a unique facility of this type regarding fish farming in karst water within Europe. The fish are reared in the water of the Punkva river which originates in an ecologically clean location and never exceeds a temperature of 13°C. Since 2008, we own the registered punk trout trademark.


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