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We have combined the flavours of Czech cuisine and the style of serving tapas on small plates into a unique concept of the restaurant Talíř. The menu has been prepared for you by chef Miroslav Rottr, who combines traditional culinary art and modern culinary techniques in his recipes. Come and see and taste what we have worked on and evaluate how we have done it.
Our offer
Our menu is divided into three sections: cold, hot and sweet. You can choose with your eyes and according to your mood, what you feel like and what appeals to you the most.
You won't find a menu here, but a bar full of Czech tapas served on small plates.


You can choose tapas from three sizes of plates, which are priced at 33 CZK, 66 CZK and 99 CZK.


The range of plates is also supplemented by special offers, which can be found in the "News & Events"section.

We prepare the dishes in the open kitchen, which you will find on the ground floor of the restaurant. The restaurant also features a modern and stylish bar. A visit to the Talíř restaurant will not only be a taste but also a visual experience.

Every day from 7:00 to 11:00 we offer an"All you can eat"breakfast. We serve à la carte dishes until 22:00.

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