Welcome to Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague!

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Welcome to Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague!

Our Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague is located on the rooftop of the prestigious Talíř restaurant and offers you a unique experience in the upper spheres. With an area of up to 150 square meters you will find an exclusive environment with a magnificent view of Prague Castle, Franciscan Garden, Wenceslas Square and the panorama of the whole of Prague.

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the outdoor space, which is equipped with comfortable seating with umbrellas and lounge-style design. With a seating capacity of 70 and another 70 standing places, we are the perfect place to relax, celebrate or meet friends.

Our well-trained bar crew prepares signature cocktails that will wow you with their creativity and delicious taste. In addition, you can indulge in a rich breakfast and enjoy Czech menu, which includes a wide range of delicacies.

The Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague is open all year round from 8:00 am to midnight so you can enjoy our menu all day long. During the evening hours, we host live music performances which create an amazing atmosphere and add energy to the rooftop space.

If you are looking for a private event venue, the Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague is available for hire. Whether you're planning corporate event, wedding, engagement or a romantic evening with a view, our facility offers an unforgettable setting and live music to add that special touch to your event.

Experience world-class dining, panoramic views and the unsurpassed ambiance of our Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant Prague.

Opening hours:

All year round from 8:00 to 24:00 (subject to change in case of bad weather)

You can find out if our Pytloun Sky Bar & Restaurant is open on social media (Facebook) or by calling + 420 608 022 661

Follow our social media for updates, special events and more.

We look forward to your visit!

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Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.


English breakfast

Coffee, tea, juice and water
Savory grilled sausages
Baked bacon
Poached egg
Beans in tomato sauce
Baked tomato with cheese
18 EUR


Fitness breakfast

Coffee, tea, juice and water
Seasonal fruit salad
Greek yogurt with muesli
Cottage cheese with banana and crisps
Chia pudding with fruit
Cheese variation with cranberry jam
Vegetable salad with citrus dressing
18 EUR

American breakfast 

Coffee, tea, juice and water
Pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries
Mini donut Baked bacon
2x eggs
Potato patties
Cinnamon waffles
18 EUR



Duck pate, passion fruit, cranberries, pumpkin and almond chips, brioche
15 EUR 
Beef tartare, caper, cucumber cornichons, truffle mayonnaise and toasted sourdough bread 
15 EUR
Marinated arctic char in beetroot with black currant, dill, grapefruit and mustard seed 
15 EUR
Goat cheese foam with vanilla honey, nuts and marinated pear, pomegranate 
15 EUR


Farmer's salad with lamb's lettuce and baby spinach, poached egg, croutons and bacon noodles, grenaille 
15 EUR
Caesar salad with sous vide chicken, croutons and parmesan shavings
15 EUR

Main Course

Duck confit, cinnamon-scented red cabbage, potato pancakes and duck crackling 
21,7 EUR
Beef goulash with bacon dumpling and chili hair and spring onion 
21,7 EUR
Beef with cream sauce served with Carlsbad dumpling, cranberries and candied lemon peel
21,7 EUR
Roasted pork knuckle with cabbage and horseradish cream 
21,7 EUR
Venison leg roasted on vegetables with rosehip sauce, parsnip puree and chestnuts 
21,7 EUR
Buckwheat risotto, seasonal mushrooms and herbs, roasted garlic foam 
21,7 EUR

Beer and wine appetizers

Fried potato chips, chive dip 
Mix roasted salted nuts 
Variations of Czech cheese with home-made conserve 
5 EUR 


Caramel cake with salted caramel and dates la chefs
Chocolate cake with raspberries la chefs
Raspberry sorbet with forest fruits
7,8 EUR
Mango sorbet
4,3 EUR


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